Seasonal Botanical Drawing Series with Erica Beade 2020


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Focused Botanical Drawing Instruction with Guest Instructor, Illustrator Erica Beade. Observe the magic of summer, fall and winter while learning to capture the beauty of each season. Sign up for sessions individually, or register for the whole series and receive a bonus sketchpad and pencils to get you started.


Botanical Drawing with Erica Beade LIVE Online! 

Due to limits on social gatherings, Erica Beade and the WFCF Learning Garden invite you on a live, online adventure in botanical drawing inspired by the farm!

Summer Session  Thursday, August 13, 2020;  2-4pm  $40.00    (Thanks to all of you out there who participated in our Summer Session online with Erica Beade!)

Fall Session  Saturday, October 24; 2-4p $40 per participant  Live online in Zoom with additional safe pick-up of packaged materials to get you started, including a seedling or nature walk to clip a bit of an inspiring focus for your botanical drawing workshop. *Farm walk not required for online workshop.

Winter Session  Saturday, December 12; 2-4p $40 per participant  Nature offers much inspiration in the wintertime, especially at the farm.  Enjoy a winter farm walk, clip a piece of nature to bring home as your focus, then join guest instructor, Erica Beade, online for a cozy winter session.   *Farm walk not required for online workshop.

Come to the farm for a socially distanced walk around the woodlands and fields & clip a piece of nature - or choose a potted seedling - to use as your focus for the online workshop experience with Instructor, Erica Beade.  - THEN -  Meet others remotely in Zoom for group instruction, followed by some One-on-One time with Erica Beade to share your artwork privately and receive tips and feedback.    

All sessions feature guest instructor, illustrator Erica Beade, as she helps you learn to capture the beauty of flower and plant forms on paper.  We’ll take a close look at some of Waltham Fields Community Farm’s botanical wonders using pencil and paper, and explore drawing techniques such as contour, gesture, foreshortening and shading.  Teens and adults of all skill levels are welcome!

Erica Beade is a freelance illustrator specializing in science, health and nature subjects.

She teaches observational drawing for adults and kids at the Harvard Museum of Natural History and other venues.

Learn more about her classes at and check out some of her work at 

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